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Faux Finishes & Wall Treatments

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Instead of wallpaper, why not try a faux finish to add texture and interest to your walls? We paint all kinds of finishes (stripes, color wash, leather, marble, rag roll, etc.), and we can customize the color and texture to suit your taste and the space. We are also happy to paint a sample board for you to ensure that the finish is just what you're looking for before we start on the walls. Here are some examples below, though not all possibilities are included as some of the more subtle finishes do not photograph well.


Raines working on faux molding  

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Linen floral faux finish

Click here to view details of room








Click here to view details of Octagon Pattern

Click here to view details of faux painted panels


Hand painted and glazed floor

Detail of floor




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circles.JPG (99099 bytes)

Different size circles painted in green tones in family room.


RobersonStripes.JPG (94996 bytes)






Linen floral faux finish










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 twofootpolyurethanestri.JPG (20901 bytes)



Marths'astripes.JPG (116404 bytes)



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Faux twelve inch stripes painted in nursery.


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Faux Terri-cotta finish


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jerfauxstoneseal.JPG (37705 bytes)

A "ragged" wall with painted bamboo

Hand painted oak wood

a Japanese Bird hand painted on dining room wall

Hand painted cherry wood


Hand painted marble


faux wood 4.JPG (151430 bytes)

Faux wood grained door

Click here to see detail of door

ralphfireplace.JPG (204465 bytes)

Click here to see detail of Fireplace