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Paintings on Canvas

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        In addition to painting murals, we also paint on canvas to create more mobile artwork.  Faux windows, for offices or other rooms that lack the real thing, are popular, as are portraits of a favorite pet, but we can paint just about anything you have in mind.  Images from photographs, cards and magazines are helpful to give us an idea of what you are envisioning, though they are not always necessary.  We also paint growth charts on canvas so that they can be saved long after your child grows taller than the chart.  Trains, sports, castles, fireman poles ... the possibilities are endless!  Have us paint a chart to fit your child's room and interests.


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Dog portrait

Boat Canvas

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12 by 9 inch house portrait painted in acrylic


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Miller Canvas

Nicolas Canvas

Highsmith canvas 72.jpg (94825 bytes)

Monogrammed canvas based on colors pulled from nursery

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Faux window painted on canvas



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Dog portrait


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Faux window painted on canvas


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Oriental warrior painted on a 4' X 6' canvas

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muralbrenner.JPG (123474 bytes)

This canvas (4 ft by 6 ft) was donated to the Brenner Children's Hospital in Winston Salem in honor of the doctors who saved Archie Dees' life. Archie, who was born Feb.28, 2002, is now happy and healthy - and loves his aunt Earle.


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Canvas Growth Charts


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