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About the Artists

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Earle Kluttz Thompson

Born in Salisbury, North Carolina on January 25, 1977, I grew up with many influences that sparked my interest in art.  I spent many afternoons with my grandmother who let my creative mind go wild.  One on going project involved
creating a village that covered her house using common household items. 

Another major influence is my love for nature, which stems from my summers spent as a camper in the North Carolina mountains.  Also my parents took me to museums and educated me in the world of antiques.

With those influences, I began taking art at Salisbury High
School and then decided when I reached the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, to major in Studio Art.  In college, I had an internship with muralist, Michael Brown, where I learned how to paint outdoor and indoor murals and faux techniques.  My appreciation for art expanded greatly during the fall of 1999 when I studied at Lorenzo de Medici in Florence, Italy.

When I graduated from college, I lived in Salisbury and painted on my own. There, I worked on restoring a mural in historic downtown.  After painting numerous faux windows, plates, pickett fences, stone walls and gardens, I decided to start Earle Kluttz Designs.  I have painted a wide variety of
themes and textures, from faux windows and stone walls to cartoon characters in children's rooms. You name it, I can paint it.  Generally, people clip pictures from books and magazines, and with those ideas I create something original on their wall in accordance with their personality and style.  I also paint accessories such as lampshades, personalized baby names to frame and hang, furniture and glassware. I am always looking for interesting things to paint, and after moving to Raleigh, North Carolina, I was not alone.  Together with partner, Raines Thompson, the possibilities have been even more endless.

To make our situation even more exciting I married Raines' brother, Bo, on May 17, 2003. Now we are not only business partners in newly renamed, Kluttz Thompson Designs, we're family too.

Raines Thompson

Like Earle, I have always loved art. I grew up taking classes, and visits to my grandparents' house in Wilson were also always filled with art projects. Despite the huge mess we sometimes managed to make in the process, my grandmother, Frances Raines, a portrait artist, always inspired and encouraged my creative side.

I took several art classes at Broughton High School in Raleigh, but never imagined that something I loved so much could become more than a hobby. At the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where I met Earle, I decided to become a Journalism major, with a concentration in visual communications. I thought that this would be a good way to learn a variety of skills, including art. Though I didn't find my graphic design classes to be as hands-on as I would've liked them to be, I was able to take several
studio art classes, not only at UNC, but also while studying abroad at Lorenzo de Medici in Florence, Italy.

When I returned from Italy, I began concentrating on my graphics classes designing logos and also began volunteering at a book store in Chapel Hill designing promotional material by hand.  Then during the summer of 1999 I had the opportunity to go on an art study program in Australia with students from the
Rhode Island School of Design.  I spent several weeks at the University of New South Wales in Sydney studying Aboriginal art along with Australian art students and then traveled around Australia and worked on drawing and painting the various landscapes we had the opportunity to visit. After graduation in May, 2000, I had to get back down to that part of the world to see New Zealand, where I was lucky enough to spend ten weeks. I traveled for several weeks and then  lived and worked in Nelson on the South Island. It was an amazing experience and I hated to leave, but I was also excited to get home and start working with Earle, which I did in October, 2000.

Since then, Earle and my accomplishments have exceeded my greatest expectations. We have been working together for several years now and have found that we really complement each other. We've worked on projects in businesses and homes all over North Carolina including an on-going job at the UNC Children's Hospital in Chapel Hill. We've found that two minds are definitely better than one, and we're looking forward to working for years to come. Check back to this website for updates on our progress!